22-04-14 Abu Dhabi

Stuntshow at Abu Dhabi

22-03-14 Dokter Tinus

Produced by 4one media

22-02-14 De Leeuwenkuil

Produced by Nijenhuis&Co

04-01-14 Criminal women in Cellblock H

Produced by Fourone Media

01-12-13 The Infiltrator!

New movie By Lemming Film

06-10-13 Wolf Awarded!

Best Actor, Best Director and best Production design!!!

05-09-13 Chevrolet Commercial


01-09-13 VW GTI Commercial

Win the new GTI

03-07-13 Johma Commercial

Accident with bike

03-06-13 Gamma Commercial

YES! do it yourself

07-05-13 Videoclip Monsif

Doing his own stunts

10-04-13 Training new Guys

Trampoline, highfalls, rapelling, wirework

06-04-13 Dokter Tinus

The series

08-03-13 Afrojack


31-01-13 DesDuivels @ IFFR

Our short movie is shown at the IFFR

06-12-12 Videoclip Hydroboyz

Titled "Van Damme"

01-12-12 Movie App

App the Movie

05-11-12 Movie Wolf

Black and White movie Wolf

28-10-12 Commercial Amersfoortse

Stefan crashes wall with fork truck

25-10-12 Stairfall 538

538 commercial

25-09-12 Highfall Hochmut

48 Hour project progressing

01-09-12 Industrial climbing

Irata level 1 is in!

01-08-12 Supernova

Dutch-German co-production

25-06-12 Toyota commercial

Russian Arm

10-06-12 Sevilla

Road Movie

10-05-12 De Groeten van Mike


04-05-12 Videoclip Alain Clark


04-04-12 Videoclip Ben Saunders

Location: Jail

15-02-12 DesDuivels

Weekend full of stunts

27-01-12 Commercial Kia

Driving the new Kia in studio

22-11-11 Commercial Phishing

Watch out for your personal data!

12-10-11 Film festival

A golden prize for Movie "Olifantenvoeten"

10-10-11 Commercial Overheid

Catch the thief!

15-09-11 Movie Cop VS Killer

Based on the book by Simon de Waal

08-09-11 Commercial HI

Commercial for HI whatsApp

16-08-11 Set pics DTG

Commercial for "De TelefoonGids"

21-07-11 Company Van

Re-style interior

06-07-11 Series SEINPOST

Police series By Eyeworks

01-07-11 Movie RAZEND

Shooting Star Production

21-06-11 Videoclip ANOUK

I'm a cliche

28-05-11 Try Before You Die (BNN)

Nice challenges

20-04-11 Movie SUSKIND

2nd WW movie

18-04-11 BNN Try before you die

Flying with helium balloons

10-04-11 Toren C

Fight sequence for tv show Toren C

10-12-10 Burn Avantgarde

Fashion picture with full burn

1-10-10 Short movie "Valdrift"

Wirework rigs

11-09-10 Movie IDA

Coproduction Denmark and Holland

29-08-10 Movie Oppervlakte

Columnfilm produces movie Oppervlakte

12-08-10 Movie BLIJF

Shooting star produces movie BLIJF

01-08-10 Pilot Series Naranjina

Blooming film shoots Pilot for Series

29-05-10 Cobra 11 and Dutch soccer fans

Simon plays a dutch soccerfan for Cobra 11

14-05-10 German movie "Neue vahr Sud"

Big fighting scene between police and crowd

29-03-10 Reality program "the phone"

Car explodes in front of contestants

05-03-10 Movie "Richting West"

Viggo Waas and Susan Visser starring in the movie "richting West"

23-02-10 Kapot - starring Johnny de Mol

Car chase with 3 brand new porsches

27-10-09 Premiere "Terug naar de Kust"

ActionPact coordinated the stunts for this movie.

17-10-09 New kids on the Block

New season on comedy central

01-09-09 20m/65ft Highfall

Simon performs a 20m highfall of a bridge

10-08-09 Hans Teeuwen in "Gewoon Hans"

Our great Dutch comedian starring in his own movie

06-06-09 Spangas the Movie

The popular series Spangas made a movie.

06-03-09 Dik voor mekaar show

The nostalgic show with Andre van Duin.

27-02-09 Allsecur directors cut

Check out the Directors cut for Allsecur.

27-12-08 007 style

Check out this car chase.

21-11-08 Wire work Discovery

Wire work for Discovery channel

27-10-08 Workshop Filmacademy

Film academy workshop - action sequences

22-10-08 Wire-work commercials

Watch some new wirework commercials

02-09-08 New camcars

Check out our new camcar opportunities

18-08-08 New commercials

Let's throw in some new commercials

18-03-08 Driving promo

preview the raw edit!

10-02-08 Training is fun

Highfall and burn training

02-02-08 Rutger Hauer Masterclass

Carhit, stairfall and wirework!!

29-05-07 Taurus world stunt awards

Rene was there... Lucky Bstrd!

27-04-07 Driving training

just playing with cars...

28-02-07 Snickers "don't stop"

a new motion capture commercial for Snickers Saoudi Arabia

21-02-07 stunt driving course

We went to LA for a certified stunt driving course

15-01-07 Canada Workshop

Simon and Rene: at the "art of the sword" workshop.