ACTIONPACT (“The Company of Fall Guys”) has been a supplier of stunt / action related services to the motion picture industry for more than 2 decades.

No matter how big the project is, ActionPact is able to meet the required action service matching your desired production value.

Our team, led by Simon van Lammeren, is a friendly bunch of experienced (international) stunt coordinators, 2nd unit action directors, stunt performers, precision drivers & stunt riggers.

Every detail of an action sequence is affected by the budget, location, script, camera, edit and even weather conditions. This makes every stunt unique and requires a certain level of preparation in order to perform safely and provide the desired results on camera.
Our first priority will always be the safety of the cast, crew and our own team.
To guarantee the best results, please be advised to involve our expertise in an early stage of the production process.

We are just a phonecall away to discuss your ideas & requirements and provide a safe and cost-efficient solution for your production.


“A person who is falsely blamed for something that has gone wrong, or for a crime that they have not committed.”

The Fall Guy was a TV Show title broadcasted from 1981 to 1986. The show features the adventures of a stuntman (Colt Seavers – played by Lee Majors) who moonlights as a bounty hunter when movie work is slow, catching criminals using his conveniently applicable stuntman tricks.



Although driving scenes with vehicles are very common, it’s hard to ignore that we really enjoy doing them.

ActionPact offers highly experienced stunt & precision drivers to cover your driving needs. Our drivers work safe and efficiently and it’s money well spend.

Examples of stunt / precision driving are; jumps, crashes, roll-overs, slides, u-turns, spinning, drifting, box parking, driving in formations as well as driving along with a camera vehicle.

Vehicles nowadays often require adjustments to overcome the computer management. Please keep in mind it may take time to prepare picture vehicles properly for a stunt or precision driving sequence.



Stunt rigging is an essential part of stuntwork.
Examples of stunt rigging includes; flying rigs, floating rigs or fixed rigs for either persons or objects, but also securing cast, crew or objects at heights.

ActionPact offers manual operated and automated wire rigs and, if needed, provide for custom-made solutions.

When a job requires industrial rigging / climbing, ActionPact works closely with partner IAS who provides Industrial climbers, certified according to the international IRATA (Industrial rope access trade association) norm.



Bodywork is a common term to cover a variety of stunt disciplines such as stair falls, high falls, trampoline work, airram stunts, ratchet stunts, carhits and so on.

Bodywork stunts often demand a high level of physical skills. Our team members train regularly to master their skills and stay on top of the game.



A choreographed fight-scene can become a very time-consuming activity.
Performing a fightscene in a safe and convincing way requires knowledge of camera angles, editing techniques, timing and emotion

Fighting for camera has more to do with storytelling, timing and acting rather than knowledge and skill of martial arts.

ActionPact can train the actors and choreograph the fights. We can do it fast and efficient while ensuring the safety of the cast.



Body Burns can be pretty nerve wrecking depending on the circumstances. Stunts involving fire are subject to flawless safety preparations.

As a stunt performer you need to be able to trust your safety crew completely and know they will take care of you before, during and after a burn. Our safety procedures guarantee a safe and awesome result!



In our storage & workshop we can prepare, build and test (custom-made) solutions to fascilitate a wide variety of action requirements.

It also offers a spacious and comfortable area to train actors & action performers in fight sequences, aerial work and other action skills while having all the stunt equipment at hand.